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Advertising with Yolami Business Directory makes excellent business sense because of its unique design which allows advertisers to select the exact business listing category and location for maximum exposure in marketing their products and services. Unlike other directories, Yolami Business Directory shows all businesses on one page which means browsers don’t have to search through numerous pages to find the details of the business they require.

Also, browsers will only find businesses for the location they have specified in their search. Research shows most browsers won’t navigate past the first page.

Therefore, Yolami Business Directory delivers exactly what the consumers ask for. Increase your profits now by advertising with Yolami Business Directory for free and avail of up to 2,000,000 page impressions we receive to our website monthly.

Select Your Plan

There are three (3) different types of listing plans to choose from on our Business Directory namely Standard, Standard Plus, and Business Pro.

Basically, our Standard Plan is also known as Free Plan which is good for all businesses and it has no expiry date – that’s, Free for Life! It comes with the most basic features that all businesses need to take advantage of the internet revolution to boost brand awareness and sales.

While our Standard Plus Plan has better and unbeatable features than Standard Plan. It is a one-listing paid plan that expiration period is pegged for 3 years. Good for companies that want to increase the lead to their business with instant feedback from their prospective customers.

In addition, Standard Plus Plan is good and more suitable for businesses that want to experience the impact of Off-page SEO and organic search whenever people search for the exact or related keyword or phrase on Google search engine or any other notable search engines.

Lastly, Business Pro has all the features of the Standard Plus Plan which is created as a package that will allow an interested subscriber to submit ten (10) business listings. Subscribing to this plan means you can create a maximum of 10 listings on our directory for an affordable price. Good for SEO Expert and Digital Marketing Agency which do help clients to submit their businesses on business directories worldwide.

Just like Standard Plus Plan, this plan has 3 years expiry period and so also the listings therein no matter the period the listing was created.